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Gloo - A Pathetic Youth album review

Straight outta Littlehampton

Punk rock. Can’t beat it for combatting those small- town blues. Three chords, an attitude, a set of thumping drums. Sussex punks Gloo hail from Littlehampton – can’t say I envy them that, speaking as a Haywards Heath boy – and their music is suitably bratty, parochial and full of tiny punk- pop gems. Act My Age. Holiday (the video to which is filmed on a local boating pool). No Shit Sally. Punk rock as Ramones and Green Day and Blink 182 wrote it. Trying desperately to escape dead-end existence and, for the space of 28 minutes and 10 songs, succeeding. As they sing on the no-nonsense two-fingered Friday night thrash anthem Pissheads, ‘We’re all pissheads.’ And why the fuck not? Cheesy but lovable.