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Ginger: 100%

The highlights of a ridiculously over-the-top project.

So here it is, the result of Ginger’s current 30-song Pledge Music project. Fans donating to the project got a triple CD of new music, and they also got to pick which tracks made it onto this, the single-CD, commercially available version.

And we have to say, on the strength of these 12 tracks, they show pretty good taste indeed. Also, it makes you wonder just what other gems lurk among the wealth of rejected tracks because the quality is pretty high throughout and finds the prolific Ginger Wildheart on top form, whether it’s on the relatively straightforward spiky pop-rock of You’re The One or the Cardiacs-on-a-proggy-psych-trip that is the head-spinning Taste Aversion.

Meanwhile, for a mission statement, look no further than the euphoric Internal Radio, Ginger’s celebration of the jaded and joyous jukebox jammed inside his own skull.

Taken as a whole, 100% is like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece – a huge, dense splurge of creativity that’s overwhelming at first but rewards the listener that takes his or her time to bathe in its glow and absorb all its beautiful complications.

Basically, it’ll take dozens of listens to truly get under the skin of each magnificently hook-laden tune. And you’ll probably wish you’d pledged earlier for the full package.