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Ghoulgotha: The Blackmass Cloak

Twisted, sick old school death-metal that creeps out in style

A one-man army, Wayne Sarantopoulos almost rivals Rogga Johansson in terms of albums recorded in just a matter of years.

At some point, the man known as Elektrokutioner, whose resumé is as long as his arm, was almost an in-house musician for Razorback Records! Formed in 2012, Ghoulgotha is probably the closest he’s ever been to forming a proper band and that’s maybe why it’s also, by far, his most interesting yet.

Close in spirit to his own Decrepitaph, this isn’t proper doom/death but feels more like a slow and doomish form of death metal. Yet, don’t look for any catchy parts or clearly structured tracks here, as Sarantopoulos’s focus was on achieving a rotten atmosphere through bizarre and morbid guitar harmonies and a massive yet dry production. Epic in scope, yet obscure in sound, A Blackmass Cloak does way more than simply fulfil this.

Via Dark Descent