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Geoff Tate: Kings & Thieves

The singer fired by Queensrÿche bounces back.

Geoff Tate got a nasty surprise when he was making this, his second solo album. As he explains: “When I started it, it was a side project. When I finished it, it was my only project.”

Tate was a founding member of Queensrÿche and had fronted the band for 31 years. And following his sacking, events have taken a farcical turn with the announcement that Tate has formed a new version of Queensrÿche, featuring bassist Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/Ozzy/Whitesnake) and drummer Bobby Blotzer (Ratt).

So now there are two Queensrÿches. And with Kings & Thieves, Tate is sending out a clear message: the gloves are off. If there is an accusatory tone to the lyrics in Take A Bullet and Evil, it’s entirely intentional. And the music is equally heavy – classic metal with a contemporary edge, sung as only Geoff Tate can. Half-time score: Old Queensrÿche 1, Geoff Tate 1.