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Fit For A King: Slave To Nothing

Texas metalcore hopefuls still in the emperor’s hand-me downs

Looking at the number of metal-

Of course, this is a very cynical view of the hyper-popular subgenre that includes some world-class bands, but it’s one Fit For A King adhere to. Sophomore release Slave To Nothing is, on the surface, no different to the latest from scene heavyweights Upon A Burning Body, but it lacks their knack for a hook. Instead they fade further into the ether as the album rolls on. This isn’t to say it’s a poor record; the percussive assault on the title track is admirable and the clean vocals throughout are a cut above the majority of their peers, but that’s where the uniqueness ends. There are nods towards more experimental territory – and it does sound like they’ve thrown the kitchen sink emporium around the studio – but the missing cohesion leaves the record floundering and struggling to grab you.

Via Solid State

Luke Morton