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Escape The Fate: Hate Me

Ronnie Radke’s old band get plagued by the vague

Imitation is a form of flattery, but then again your art can be so derivative it’s almost insulting to your peers.

With only one original member left in Escape The Fate, this fifth effort is more of the same, only less interesting than a clotheshorse. Opener Just A Memory amps up your expectation with its chest-beating metalcore but the rest of the record nosedives off a cliff like a lemming.

The pop element is so cheesy you could spread it on crackers. Littered with ‘Whoa-ohs’ and uninspiring electronics, the party ETF try to start just can’t gain momentum, leaving them stranded in the middle of a beige ocean. It’s catchy, sure, but so was that thing you caught in Magaluf.

Throughout Hate Me, there’s an overriding sense of angst toward a common enemy that is never revealed. Is it parents? Bullies? The EU? We’ll never know, but Craig Mabbitt’s dire lyrics keep you informed just how bad this faceless baddie is. It’s unlikely the follow-up argument will make any more sense.