Entrapment - Through Realms Unseen album review

The Netherlands’ death metal convert dims the lights

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A former punk/hardcore musician who happened to dig classic death metal, Michel Jonker ended up drumming for two small yet worthy soldiers of the Dutch underground, Absorbed and Massive Assault, in the late 90s/early 00s. It’s a schooling that allowed him to catch the old school resurgence from the off with Entrapment, who have been riding the wave since 2009.

However, for his third album – once again he performs all the instruments in the studio – in four years, he’s touched on something a tad heavier, bleaker, even gothic-like (if the Paradise Lost and Cemetary debuts are your definition of ‘gothic’) on the six-string front. Jonker remains faithful overall to his beloved HM-2 effect pedal and d-beat/early Entombed worship with tracks such as The Seeker and Hybrid Maelstrom. But Jonker is a drummer at heart and while his guitar abilities are limited, he makes up for them by smartly using short, simple yet infectious choruses that fit perfectly the rather uncomplicated arrangements of this one-man unit. Old school but catchy as hell.