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Electric Boys: And Them Boys Done Swang

More battery-powered than properly electric.

For a while there it looked as though the Electric Boys would be massive. Best remembered for the rock club dance floor favourite All Lips’n’Hips, the Swedish group’s blend of swoon-inducing electrified funk and psychedelic influences had looked a sure-fire winner until the mysterious evaporation of their mojo with 1994’s Freewheelin’ album.

Having reconvened the band two summers ago after a spell with Hanoi Rocks, guitarist Conny Bloom (the leather-wearing harp player dude in the Jameson whiskey TV ads) has attempted to fan the flames of their original luxuriant swagger. And he’s done a passable job.

Reeferlord, The House Is Rockin’ and My Heart’s Not For Sale are effective enough kick-ass tracks, but nothing here matches the magnificence of All Lips