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Dust Bowl Jokies: Cockaigne Vaudeville

It’s the way they tell ‘em.

The questionably-named Dust Bowl Jokies’ debut showcases the self-proclaimed “trashy glam stallion” Swedes’ blatant obsession with hair metal – frontman Alexx’s vocals echo Vince Neil’s, while the songtitles include the glammed-up likes of Blood, Sweat And Perfume and Boots On Rocks Off, topped off with bucketloads of cock-of-the-walk attitude.

Alongside the odes to glam, there is the odd southern twang, like in The Wicked, although it’s more Kid Rock than classic country.

But glam metal is a tricky, arguably impossible, era to revisit without a fresh take – there’s a reason only Steel Panther have hit the big time in that regard – and while Dust Bowl Jokie’s songs are fun (albeit cheesy), catchy in places and certainly accessible enough to get any part-time rock fan grooving after a few jars, they’re unlikely to make much of a dent – more Rock Of Ages than I Wanna Rock.