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Dropkick Murphys: Going Out In Style

A big old Oirish knees-up.

DKM have never taken prisoners and they’re not about to start now. Irrepressible, raucous and righteously rabble-rousing, on this seventh studio effort the band display all the folk’n’punk rock trademarks for which they have become rightly renowned, and then try to outdo their own reputation by somehow upping the intensity well into the red.

When a press release tells you an album sounds like a huge shindig you’ve a right to be sceptical – but that’s precisely what you get here – though the mother of all right royal piss-ups is probably closer to the mark.

What’s more, this is a concept album, the lyrics telling the story of one Cornelius Larkin, a fictional character used to recount the band’s personal experiences and family tales.

For those who care about such things Bruce Springsteen hollers along in a ripping rendition of Peg O’ My Heart, though top honours ought to go to the moving Memorial Day and proudly blue-collar Take ’Em Down for an encapsulation of what DKM are about.