Dripback: Failed Futures

Lairy London crew want to use your bones for toothpicks

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Opening with the clarion call of ‘Come on you cunts!’, Londoners Dripback come out of the traps at 100mph and don’t pause for breath once as the 13 hardcore/ thrash/crust crossover songs on their full-length debut collide in a glorious pileup of spilled blood, smashed glass, broken bones and randomly barked declarations like ‘Liar!’ and ‘Fuck my life!’.

It’s like being parachuted into the middle of a riot. Featuring former members of Ted Maul and Labrat, on Rest With The Dead and Stranglehold Dripback play like they hate we, the listeners’, pathetic, puny existences and want to punish us repeatedly.

With the occasional nod towards black metal and some sampled snippets of some lairy cockney Ray Winstone soundalike talking about violence hammering the point home, Dripback play like they want to bite off your nose, tie you to a chair with your own stinking entrails and play at you until you’re a blubbering mess.

The weird thing is, you’re so disorientated from their musical maelstrom you’re sort of happy to let them do what they want. A punishingly good album, basically.