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Dreamarcher album review – Dreamarcher

Multifarious Norwegians Dreamarcher hurtle out of the shadows with new album

Initially born and bred in secrecy on Norway’s west coast, the jazz-educated musicians behind Dreamarcher spent two years tweaking and tinkering with their unique sound, and their eponymous debut sees all their hard work pay off in spades.

Rich in textures and ideas, this five-track opus bristles with bravery and invention. Tackling subjects such as abandonment and betrayal, their group vocals convey one cohesive voice and this adds a phantasmagorical edge to the harsher tracks such as Burning The Remains.

At times astonishing – the fretwork on Shadows is spectacular – and others enjoyably frustrating (Beat Them Hollow), Dreamarcher is a sonic jigsaw featuring fragments of hardcore, math rock, prog and more, rewarding with repeated plays. Cinematic, ambient and euphoric often over the course of a single track, this sprawling opus is unlike anything you’ll hear all year.