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Demonic Resurrection: The Demon King

India’s symphonic metallers move out of the darkness

Ever since Mumbai-based Demonic Resurrection first burst onto the scene in 2000, it was clear that the then 17-year-olds had the potential to be a devilishly good band.

Led by their talismanic vocalist/guitarist Sahil ‘The Demon-stealer’ Makhija, over the years they’ve lost (and gained) members, but one thing always remained – their ability to create monstrous slabs of symphonic death metal. The Demon King, their first new material since the final instalment of the Darkness Trilogy, 2010’s The Return To Darkness, begins with a bang in The Assassination. Stabbing strings, chugging riffs, layered vocals and even some Spanish guitar ensure that album number four opens ferociously and from there the Fear Factory-informed Facing The Faceless and the brass-infused headbanger that is Death, Desolation And Despair make the opus a blast to listen to. Best of all, though, is Even Gods Do Fall. Flitting from feral death metal riff-fest to piano-led, melodic brooder with ease, the game- changing track is quite possibly their finest recorded moment to date.

Via Candlelight