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Delta Deep: Delta Deep

Star-studded, female-fronted blues side-project from Def Leppard man.

Initiated in casual sessions at home between Def Leppard’s Phil Collen and singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook (also godmother to Collen’s wife), Delta Deep has grown into a far more formidable proposition than its casual origins suggested.

Heavyweight pals David Coverdale and Joe Elliott add rasp and ballast, the erstwhile Deep Purple swordsman proving a surprisingly effective foil for Blackwell-Cook on classic Stax duet Private Number. Underpinned by a blues-funky, rock-solid rhythm section (augmented by guesting Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook), Delta Deep spurs all participants to reach parts their day jobs don’t always allow.

Whether mean and dirty or lyrical and eloquent, Collen’s axework exults in the chemistry provided by the soulful resilience and feral heat of Blackwell-Cook’s vocal. Impressive originals (notably the raucous slam-down of Burnt Sally) stand strong alongside judiciously chosen covers, ensuring a hugely invigorating and highly enjoyable departure.