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Dee Snider's For The Love Of Metal Live! is brash, bullish and maniacal

Dee Snider's soundtrack to single household lockdown back-garden festivals has arrived

Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal
(Image: © Napalm Records)

It may be just a detail, but that exclamation mark in the title speaks volumes. It tells you that what you’ll find inside is big, brash, and not afraid to laugh at its own jokes and put itself on a pedestal. 

It’s very, very Dee Snider. Or, as he introduces himself, “Dee! Fucking! Snider!”

Diving straight in at 100mph, what follows feels like a massive caffeine overdose as the former Twisted Sister frontman blasts through old favourites (We’re Not Gonna Take It was hardly likely to be absent), brand-new songs and bullish banter with gusto bordering on maniacal. 

Just the tonic for those missing the mud and camaraderie during this year’s great festival drought.