Deathcult - Cult Of The Goat album review

Bergen’s black metal mavens head off the (blast)beaten track

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While their debut revelled in first/second-wave black metal, Deathcult – the Bergen trio with Taake’s Hoest on bass alongside former Gaahl collaborators Skaag (vocals, guitars) and Thurzur (drums) – show more variation within the irreverent tenets of the subgenre on their first album in 10 years. Most interestingly, the garage rock skronk they heap on some of the riffs and solo meshes well with the snarling tremolos and loose blasts, best heard on highlight The Oath. Also of note is the robust production job by the legendary Pytten at the equally legendary Greighallen Studios, who heightens the often atypical sonic embellishments, which may not have been audible in lesser skilled hands. This LP is far from essential, but the devilish way it’s constructed is interesting enough to deserve repeat listens.