Death Angel: The Evil Divide

Thrash that engages the brain.

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It’s third time lucky for the veteran Bay Area metalheads. This is the third studio album in a row where they’ve kept the same line-up, and also the third one where they’ve worked with producer Jason Suecof. The result is one of their most accomplished albums in a three-decade span of releases.

There’s still the riffing fire from guitarists Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar, as on the pacy Cause For Alarm and Hell To Pay. But this is set against a more mature stance that never detracts from the band’s overall energy and power, but gives the music an extra dimension.

When you listen to The Electric Cell or Hatred United, United In Hate, what comes through is the feel of a confident metal band who’ve expanded their repertoire. There are slightly more progressive ideas, done within the range of the traditional band style. It makes for quality throughout.