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Dead Daisies: Revolución

Second album from 80s rock stalwarts’ newest project.

The ‘will-they-won’t-they’ debate surrounding Guns N’ Roses’ recording future continues. In the meantime, certain smaller/former GN’R fry (Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus) have ploughed their energies into Dead Daisies – now flanked by ex-Motley Crue crooner John Corabi, alongside a cohort of other classic rock soldiers.

Following a decidedly solid self-titled debut, it’s gratifying to find added flair, sass and syncopation on Revolución. A bit of talk-box action adds spice to With You And I (think Rocky Mountain Way-meets-Lenny Kravitz’s Always On The Run), while Evil packs a deliciously swaggering, bluesy punch.

Admittedly there are stodgy moments (Sleep, appropriately, is on the dozy side) and much of the record demands multiple listens to graduate from ‘perfectly pleasant’ to ‘Oh fuck yeah!’. But it’s worth the time. Looking For The One, for instance, was a decent, groovy piece of windows-down rock first time round – three listens in, we want to marry the little bastard.

Music for the aviators-wearing muso, partial to strolling in slow-motion through a desert./o:p