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David Arthur: Making Legends

Home-made hard rock heaven.

Making a DIY album if you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter or a new band is one thing, making a DIY album of 80s-style melodic hard rock that’s fit for radio is something else.

Yet David Arthur has fashioned just the kind of glossy-sounding record that, back in the day, used to require a lavishly appointed studio and a team of expensive producers and engineers.

It would still be a futile exercise if the songs weren’t good enough. But Arthur’s apprenticeship with producer Chris Tsangarides (Priest, Lizzy, Ozzy) has served him well, and there are at least five tracks on Making Legends that should tickle the taste buds of AOR radio programmers.

On top of that he’s a gifted, inventive guitarist. Definitely worth checking out.

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