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Dan Reed Network: Fight Another Day

Portland funk-rockers’ first album in 25 years.

Dan Reed Network Fight Another Day album cover

Dan Reed Network were relatively early players in the rock/funk-but-mostly-rock genre that would also spawn Red Hot Chili Peppers and later TV On The Radio.

They were a name to be reckoned with in the late 80s: their second album was produced by Nile Rodgers and they enjoyed significant UK success with their single The Lover, before abruptly disbanding at what seemed like the height of their success.

They re-emerged for a 25th-anniversary tour in 2012, and now comes a new album, in which they seek to rediscover the formula that first worked for them.

Fight Another Day is certainly accomplished but maybe too much so; a bit over-determined. Tracks like Divided and Eye Of The Storm have all the right elements but plough earnestly in search of the big chorus. You’re itching for them to go down wormholes and find fresh byways but there are precious few new tricks from these old dogs.