Cripper: Hyëna

Teutonic thrashers summon their inner beast

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Continuing a proud tradition of German thrash, Cripper’s fourth effort sees them heading into darker territory. Whether it’s the mid-paced Bloodshot Monkey Eye or the rapid-fire A Dime For The Establishment, Christian Bröhenhorst and Jonathan Stenger’s twin-guitar assault conjures an arsenal of vicious but catchy riffs, while a precise production job accentuates every chaotic percussive barrage and low-end rumble.

Though occasionally being guilty of some awkward lyrics, frontwoman Britta Görtz draws favourable comparisons with countrywoman Angela Gossow with her commanding vocals. 7” is a cocktail of propulsive rhythms and towering leads, the hooks and staccato riffing of The Jackhammer descend into eerie melodies and grating vocals, while the towering The Origin comes the closest to a highlight on an album that’s frustratingly low on them.

The lightspeed Patronized and drawn-out menace of Pure, with its discordant refrain and tortured vocals, bring down the curtain in fitting style, with Hyëna living up to its moniker of being a snarling menace./o:p