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Cowboy Lovers: Cowboy Lovers

Bullet-to-the-brain psych-prog debut from Spanish duo.

It would be a very sour puss not left drooling at the sonic stall set out on Dying, the opening track on the debut album from Alicante-bred blood brothers F Pascual (vocals/ guitar) and H Bardisa (vocals/drums).

Producer/label boss Liam Watson frames it beautifully – dazed, swooning chords driven to climactic delirium on a drum rampage, exploding like a methamphetamine-fuelled steam train.

The entrée doesn’t disappoint and, as former rock DJs, Cowboy Lovers make an interesting shift – their ‘samples’ result in visceral actualisation. Hence Slaves In The Darkness, a Grade A Hawkwind dystopian freak out but referencing heavy antecedents, is far from slavish.

Most thrilling is the physicality of Pascual and Bardisa’s musical bond, and the unrelenting incendiary intent at the heart of their impeccable fire and blood credo. A pedigree pair indeed./o:p