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Corey Taylor - America 51 review

Slipknot chief torches the political landscape

Cover art for Corey Taylor - America 51cover

Corey Taylor doesn’t like Donald Trump. In fact, that’s probably something of an understatement, the President being dubbed ‘the Cheeto’ throughout America 51. But on the other hand, Corey doesn’t like the two-party system of American politics at all, which he makes abundantly clear at the beginning of his fourth book. One thing The Great Big Mouth loves, however, is his country – the United States Of America. In his typical stream-of-consciousness style, often flailing wildly off-topic, the Slipknot frontman airs his gripes with all the political bullshittery that has gone down on his home turf recently. While his previous books have taken aim at the unending list of humanity’s traits that annoy Corey, this is a takedown of modern-day politics and (of course) the Trump administration from a man who admits he feels no kinship to either big party, but has a wealth of knowledge on American politics and a comical yet vicious tongue to match. Using his band life and turbulent childhood as reference points throughout, Corey shares his liberal views on everything from Black Lives Matter to Reaganomics, with cursing and caps lock firmly in place, forever reminding the reader that he’s an asshole (his words!). And while not everyone will agree with the points made on these pages, this asshole knows his shit.