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Cauldron: Burning Fortune

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Having firmly established their love of classic metal with their debut Chained To The Nite, Cauldron obviously see very little point in screwing around with their direction or sound on this follow- up.

There’s not exactly much in the way of experimentation, but what the record lacks in originality it makes up for in couldn’t-give-a-shit dynamism.

Rather than having been tweaked and polished with computers and gizmos, Burning Fortune sounds reassuringly live and rough around the edges, relying on riffs, riffs and yet more riffs to ram the point home.

Bassist Jason Decay may be a thoroughly average singer, but the focus on crowd-pleasing, horn-throwing choruses punches all the right buttons – witness Miss You To Death, Rapid City and Queen of Fire – and should provide perfect fodder for a frenetic mosh pit.

Whether mining the NWOBHM seam will prove as profitable on their next album round remains to be seen, though.