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Carl Dixon: Strange Way To Live

Outa hand.

The singer and guitarist with Canadian rockers Coney Hatch, Carl Dixon should not be around to tell his tale, having seriously mangled himself in a car crash in 2008 that left him in a coma.

But his survival instincts proved stronger than his attempts to jeopardise his own recovery by getting out of bed despite two broken legs and still attached to numerous tubes. It’s a recurring theme to Dixon’s story.

There’s no sex (he married young), no drugs (he didn’t do them), but plenty of rock’n’roll as he climbs the ladder with Coney Hatch in the early 80s before they were “unprioritised” by their record company. Then he tries to breathe new life into the Guess Who and April Wine with mixed results.

He’s a good songwriter and frontman, but his blind ambition is fraught with self-inflicted wounds, even before he starts driving on the wrong side of the road./o:p