California Breed: California Breed

Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham try to reclaim old glories

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Everything about this album, not least the lineup, featuring Glenn Hughes alongside Jason Bonham on drums and new guitarist Andrew Watt – suggests it’s the natural successor to Black Country Communion.

The sound, style and attitude reeks of the defunct supergroup, only it doesn’t quite live up to the high standard set by that band over three studio albums. On first listen, this is something of a disappointment, but it does make more of a positive impression after a few listens.

It’s then that the strengths of the powerful Midnight Oil, the smoothly low-key All Falls Down and the atmospheric, coruscating Invisible all make their mark. It’s also when you appreciate that Andrew is a lot more than a Joe Bonamassa copyist. His approach combines technique with a blues-rock spontaneity, and given the opportunity he will develop his own craft.

The seeds are here for this band to blossom. They need time, but will those involved stick it out?