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Butch Walker: Afraid Of Ghosts

Haunted valley choruses.

Anyone who names a song Chrissie Hynde has to be worth investigation, and former SouthGang/Floyds/ Marvelous 3 singer-guitarist Butch turns in a nice ballad in tribute on his seventh solo album since 2002.

This kind of introspective, almost easy listening slowie vibe dominates on tracks such as the Santo & Johnny-recalling How Are Things, Love, although he’ll throw in a line about shagging on a brick wall in Still Drunk and hits a grittier stride on Bed On Fire.

Produced by Ryan Adams, the set includes guest appearances from Johnny Depp on 07 21+ and Bob Mould on the poignant Father’s Day, inspired by his recently departed dad and explaining this subtly insidious album’s overall reflective mood./o:p