Breed 77: The Evil Inside

Maturing without losing their edge.

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It would be easy at this stage of their career for Breed 77 to just coast along. But that’s not the Gibraltar five-piece’s attitude.

The Evil Inside does have expected elements: the riffs are detuned and harsh, while the melodies are vibrant. But there’s also a fervent passion for accentuating their true strengths. So Paul Isola’s emotive vocals are given prominence, while the guitar playing of Danny Felice and Pedro Caparros is sophisticated and expansive.

Moreover, there’s never a sense that things are cluttered, as has sometimes been the case in the past. Each song is allowed to develop and breathe, thereby ensuring that it makes maximum impact. All of this makes songs like the thrusting Drown and the moody Broken Pieces impressive. But the real heartbeat comes on the intelligent yet raw Looking For Myself, Higher and the title track. Here Breed 77 show real class, on their most diverse album so far.

When it’s time to explode and really power forward, the band show they are capable of riding the top of the wave. They are equally comfortable being more fragile and introspective. Overall, it’s an album that’s confidently satisfying.