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Bosse-De-Nage: All Fours

San Franciscan post-black metallers continue their voyage

Bosse-De-Nage’s journey from their first full-length in 2010 to All Fours has been one that charts a course between sadness, horror, obscenity and curiosity. The enigmatic American quartet’s style is unique and unshakeable in its integrity.

At Night begins the album on furious, pounding rhythms and a voice that delivers the album’s narrative in unnerving screams, shouts and spoken sections. Bosse-De-Nage aren’t your typical black metal band, yet the darkness and unending pain that is found within their ruined landscapes certainly adhere to the underground aesthetic of the genre.

The Industry Of Distance allows a moment of sorrow-laden peace before a gorgeous undercurrent of guitar cuts through the harsh tones laid above. Beautiful passages often offset the fraught and frenetic nature of the record, and the lyrical themes of All Fours continue stories laid out in previous works II and III while progressing with new tales and ideas.

Ultimately, All Fours is a passionate, progressive record that constantly piques the interest./o:p