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Belgian-based supergroup break cover on their second album.

While on the face of it these Benelux veterans play bar-room blues rock like your mama used to make, this is more than just the musical equivalent of pub grub.

Formed by guitarist Paul ‘Shorty’ Van Camp from Belgian heavy rockers Killer, alongside that band’s erstwhile label boss Alfie Falckenbach on vocals, their 2014 debut Ready For Judgement Day was a spirited mix of covers and originals. On this follow-up, the self-penned stuff again suggests they’re

more than just skilled players, revealing real personality as a band. The hungover stomp of Blackout Blues and I’m A Bluesman’s choppy boogie benefit from sharp, pithy lyrics, and the darker Don’t Lie To Me is positively disturbing in its vow to ‘put a bullet in your head’. So yeah, it’s good-time stuff – but with some big, bad substance behind it.