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Blood Tsunami: For Faen!

Nordic thrashers get roughed up for album number three

Time off to pursue their Mongo Ninja side-project has done Blood Tsunami the world of good. While there’s none of the humour or bad punning, For Faen! (the Norwegian equivalent of ‘for fuck’s sake’) is a far rawer, more aggressive proposition than previous outings.

The band have gone back to their roots, taking the Teutonic thrash of Sodom and Destruction and blending in a chunk of Possessed, delivered with the kind of wild-eyed go-for-the-throat savagery you’d expect. It’s not a punk sound, but For Faen! is infused with the cider-soaked fuck-off attitude of the more spiky reprobates.

Sure, there are a fair few bands around right now who doing the deathly thrash thing but, with legendary drummer Bård ‘Faust’ Eithun (Emperor/Aborym/Thorns) in the driving seat, few can match them for pinpoint metal body blows.