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Blackberry Smoke: The Whippoorwill

Southern rock heroes finally set up camp in the UK

Two years ago, when Hammer asked Gary Rossington about bands equipped to follow in the footsteps of Lynyrd Skynyrd, two names sprang to the lips of their final surviving member. His first tip, Black Stone Cherry, are already established in this country, but with Blackberry Smoke it's a different tale.

The Georgia based quintet have delivered three albums in a 14 year career, this being the first to be released domestically. Full of delightful songs with the potential to become valued old friends, The Whippoorwill traverses various moods, from Shaking Hands With The Holy Ghost’s ZZ Top-esque barroom boogie to Six Ways To Sunday, which jitterbugs along with the Black Crowes to the blue-collar melancholy of One Horse Town, and at its most laid back, I ain’t Got The Blues sounds like a whiskey soaked porch jam at sunset.