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Atomçk: Never Work

South Wales crew provide some marker points amid the chaos

The press release accompanying Never Work says that Atomçk have been “perennially under-appreciated since 2006”. That much could be said about many UK grind bands, but in recent years the scene has begun to poke its grotty head out of the gutter. Of that scene, Atomçk are worthy representatives, incorporating influences that span grind’s history, yet daring to be different.

Songtitles like Disco-Dance Axis give a strong clue of where their heart lies. Desert Blast’s doom-laden groove is an unexpected opening, as chaos soon descends in a violent succession of short song bursts, vocalist Linus ranging from the screams of a 50s b-movie starlet to the roars of the beast chasing her.

No Sleep Til Trutnov’s electronic noise terrors are perhaps the zenith of a record set to kill, with enough frenetic savagery to please the encrusted faithful, while songs like Big Shit and Monster Of Justice are, dare it be said, catchy, their grooves and infectiously shrill leads thus providing safe havens amidst the maelstrom and anchor points for newcomers trying to make sense of it all.