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Architects Of Chaoz: The League Of Shadows

Paul Di’Anno’s new project underwhelmz.

The former Iron Maiden vocalist has lived a life that many a self-styled rock’n’roll renegade can only sing about, and despite threatening to retire due to a dodgy knee last year, he’s now put together a new project with members of his touring band.

The shadow of his old band still looms large in a positive way over the thundering punk-metal of opening track Rejected and the twin guitars that underpin Erase The Word, while his band add pummelling thrash influences to haul both into the 21st century, albeit via the late 80s.

Di’Anno’s voice is still in fine fettle too – it’s just the songs don’t always do it justice. The would-be-big choruses of How Many Times and When Murder Comes To Town just don’t quite stick in the memory, while the so-so metal balladry of Switched Off and Soldier Of Fortune lack the character to reel you in./o:p