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Anvil's Legal At Last: the most Anvil record since the last Anvil record

Anvil continue to be both Canadian and metal on 18th studio album Legal At Last

Anvil: Legal At Last
(Image: © Afm Records)

Probably no one has ever accused Canadian chuggernauts Anvil of being clever. 

But you gotta hand it to them with the title of this one: not only is marijuana finally legal in their beloved homeland (it sorta already was, but still…), it’s also their eighteenth album, which means you can legally have sex with it in the US. 

Otherwise, you know, Anvil is Anvil, and this is their most Anvil record since the last Anvil record. 

It’s got tongue-in-cheek shit (title track, sad/funny weed story Nabbed In Nebraska), and really, really metal shit (Chemtrails, Food For The Vulture), all of it buoyed by frontman Lips’ relentless bellow and supernatural shred.

There are no ballads, no synthesisers, and you don’t learn a thing. Good work all round.