Antagonist A.D.: Haunt Me As I Roam

Socially conscious hardcore crew bring in big guns and take aim

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This New Zealand vegan five-piece delivers modern metallic hardcore with throaty screams, socially and politically charged lyrics and blistering pace.

So far they’ve released three albums, and this follow-up to Nothing From No One is a dark, aggressive album that rails against apathy and animal exploitation, all complemented with the odd American Psycho sample.

Here we see the same foundations, but songs are more dynamic and distinct, lyrics are more personal, and the production is crisper. Judging by the weighty guest appearances, they have the community’s blessing.

The title track features some surprisingly harsh yells from Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction. Meanwhile, Sam Carter (Architects) takes the lead on Downer, JJ Peters (Deez Nuts) brings his recognisable flavour to Dogs Blood, and Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid) amps up the already achingly memorable choruses of Wanderlust./o:p