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Anomalie - Visions album review

Eclectic post-metallers learn to focus their forces

Founded in 2011 and initially intended as a side-project of Harakiri For The Sky member Marrok to indulge his love for emotional black metal, postmetal and depressive rock, Anomalie has since become its own monster. Now with a brace of critically acclaimed albums behind them and a full live lineup swelling the ranks, they look set to take things up another level with their absorbing, genre-straddling third full-length. Featuring material forged on the road, the record tells the story of seven individual visions and examines the eternal cycle of life and death by way of chugging riffs, tender acoustic interludes, atmospheric soundscapes and an impressive array of vocal styles. There’s no mistaking the ambitions of this former, self-confessed “aimless side-project” and the likes of Vision IV: Illumination could crack the mainstream with its powerful dynamics and anthemic riffing. Vision III: A Monument is another standout and mixes extreme metal with wistful acoustic parts that call to mind The Division Bell-era Pink Floyd.