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Anekdoten: Until The Ghosts Are Gone

Spirited return for the none-too-prolific Swedes.

It takes patience to be an Anekdoten fan.

The Swedes have done just a smattering of shows over the past few years, and it’s been a full eight years since they released their last album, A Time Of Day. Here at last, the sixth release of their two-decade career is accomplished, measured and a deeply satisfying delve back into their soundworld, one awash with Mellotron, melodies, drama, mystery, and killer beats. In parts they’re like Bigelf’s dour cousin; elsewhere they wouldn’t sound out of place on the none-more-dark Rise Above label, and overall they exemplify the ‘vintage-modern’ sound that Messenger are so keen on. The songs take their sweet time, too. Opener Shooting Star is so dense and tuneful that it feels shorter than its 10 minutes. Get Out Alive is earnest yet catchy, and If It All Comes Down To You is hypnotic, with Nicklas Barker’s languorous double-tracked vocals hitting the mark and. Anna Sofi Dahlberg’s Mellotron is no adornment – rather it’s the full mid-range of the Anekdoten sound. Writing On The Wall and the psych title track are powerful, and codas don’t come much more sobering than fibrous instrumental Our Days Are Numbered. Well worth the wait.