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Amulet: The First

British NWOBHM revivalists get their tank rolling

London’s Amulet play a pre-

The First shows a strong progression from the Cut The Crap seven-inch and perfectly showcases the band’s influences as it pays a fine tribute to the old guard of British steel. A solid driving rhythm section of tried and tested meat’n’potatoes gallop in the vein of Blitzkrieg, Tank and Girlschool brawls with slower moments of satisfyingly catchy Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General stomp and, at the height of their powers, moments of Ritchie Blackmore-style splendour are reached. Instrumental tracks like The Flight and The Talisman provide a more epic style that departs from the real ale-soaked pubs to higher realms and conjures fantasy elements with memories of episodes of Knightmare and endless hours of Commodore 64 gameplay. The First is a solid debut that will surely propel Amulet to greater realms. To quote Bad News, “Saxon, Quo, Motörhead, Uriah Heep and other heavy metal bands” indeed.

Via Century Media