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Alcatrazz showcase classic metallic fire and fury on V

V proves that Alcatrazz still have it after all these years

Alcatrazz: V cover art
(Image: © Silver Lining Music )

V for album number five; V for victory (as the press release claims) – take your pick, or why not have them both? 

With Graham Bonnet having given way to Doogie White on vocals, this follow up to 2020’s Born Innocent features only Jimmy Waldo (keyboards) and Gary Shea (bass) remaining from the original 80s line up – not that this matters, as V overcomes any possible doubts through sheer creative force and lashings of shred. 

It might lack Bonnet’s more off-the-wall lyrical spirit but White is a fine replacement, and Joe Stump’s guitar work is suitably extravagant – it wouldn’t be authentically Alcatrazz without copious widdling. 

And right from opener Guardian Angel via Turn Of The Wheel (shades of Bark At The Moon?) to the unhinged riff fest that is House Of Lies, this is a spot-on rock solid showcase of classic metallic fire and fury.