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Akani – Through My Darkest Infernal album review

Metallic hardcore posse Akani put their pedigree to use with new album

Akani album cover

Following a brief member shuffle, Akani is now comprised of vocalist Jorge Rosado (Merauder), drummer Anders Löwgren (Dead Reprise), guitarist Daniel Cederborg (Path Of No Return), and Daniel Antonsson (Soilwork) on bass and guitar. This debut album continues where they left off with 2014 four-track Santa Muerte: straight-up hardcore with huge slabs of metal.

Heavy, dark and tribal, it pours a rage that smartly mirrors lyrics that address greed and exploitation but also deliver personal messages about standing up for you and your loved ones. Despite being recorded online, the result feels rounded and collaborative. Akani take advantage of their diverse experience and influences, uniting the Brooklyn and Gothenburg spirit to create 14 solid tracks that range from slower doom with giant riffs to thrash numbers with heavy breakdowns. There is even a heady guitar solo in Warrior Of Truth and a pleasing instrumental track. DIY in spirit, heavy as hell but craftily catchy too, there’s little not to like about this.