Abyssal: Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius

Arcane extremity broadcast direct from fever’s edge

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This shadowy UK trio’s second album is an arcane death/black hybrid, with shifting drums and volcanic acid guitar sludge reminiscent of Formulas...-era Morbid Angel blended with the malign, droning chaos of Portal and sprinkled with creepy death-industrial interludes.

Although there’s an aloof political sensibility in titles like As Paupers Safeguard Magnates, illegible grunts are buried under the maniacal din, the monotony and repetition making this seem like two satisfyingly abstruse albums mercilessly rammed together into one hour-long endurance test.

Capable of inducing fevered paranoid states, there’s no quarter given to notions of melody or variety. But if you want an esoteric subterranean cacophony, this’ll hit that spot.