ZZ Top, Mountain men and more on Winter album


Joe Perry, Billy Gibbons, Leslie West, Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa lead a list of guests who'll appear on blues icon Johnny Winter's upcoming album Step Back.

The 13-track work is set for launch on September 2 via Megaforce Records. Winter – who originally planned to call the work _Roots II _as it continued a theme from his 2011 release – describes it as “aggressive vintage blues.”

Aerosmith’s Perry, who appears on Lightnin’ Hopkins cover Mojo Hand, says: “If it weren’t for Johnny Winter I’d have never picked up the guitar.”

ZZ Top’s Gibbons, who plays on Where Can You Be, adds: “I never had the opportunity to jam with Johnny in the 60s and 70s. I was content to remain in awe and admiration.”

Winter reports: “Step Back is to bring it to the people of today who haven’t listened to the old music. It’s better than anything they’ll hear today. If there’s good people, other good musicians, people enjoy it. I just love it.”


  1. Unchain My Heart 2. Can’t Hold Out (Talk To Me Baby) – featuring Ben Harper 3. Don’t Want No Woman – featuring Eric Clapton 4. Killing Floor – featuring Paul Nelson 5. Who Do You Love 6. Okie Dokie Stomp – featuring Brian Setzer 7. Where Can You Be – featuring Billy Gibbons 8. Sweet Sixteen – featuring Joe Bonamassa 9. Death Letter10. My Babe – featuring Jason Ricci 11. Long Tall Sally – featuring Leslie West 12. Mojo Hand – featuring Joe Perry 13. Blue Monday – featuring Dr John