Zakk gets his guitar back


Zakk Wylde is to be reunited with the guitar that was stolen from his tour bus in March.

The Black Label Society mainman became the victim of theft for the first time in his musical career when his tour bus was left unlocked and the pelham blue Gibson LP custom, valued at $10,000, went missing.

Now it’s been recovered after a Chicago pawn shop paid $50 – then suspected it might be worth much more.

Owner Randy Cohen, who also owns the store featured in reality TV show Hardcore Pawn: Chicago, says his staff were aware of the standard theft notice that had been circulated after the crime took place.

But he tells the Chicago Tribune: “I forgot about it – that happens every day.”

His brother Wayne adds: “I said, ‘You know what, let’s get this thing checked out.’”

The guitar was quickly identified when examined at a local music shop. It was handed over to police along with information about the seller.

Wylde said as he reported the theft: “Nothing gets stolen off tour buses – unless you don’t lock them. Rule number one: when you get off, lock the door and check the handle.”