Yuimetal releases statement regarding her split from Babymetal

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Yuimetal has released a statement about her departure from Babymetal.

The news broke earlier today that Babymetal would continue without Yuimetal, and now the group's former vocalist has posted her own statement on the Amuse website (Babymetal's management/artist services company).

In the statement Yui apologises for causing any inconveniences to fans, but says she's been unwell for a long time, and has a strong desire to continue performing under her own name Yui Mizuno.

You can read the full statement below, via Google Translate.

"I have been absent for a while and I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused to many people. 

"Although I thought over and over, I decided to leave Babymetal this time. 

"I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who support the members of Babymetal. And, for all the fans who are supporting Babymetal, I'm really sorry I made you sad. 

"There was also a strong desire to stand on the stage once again but there is also a feeling that I am still not in perfect condition now, and I also want to advance towards my dreams as Yui Mizuno, which is why I made the decision. 

"As Babymetal, I am thankful for having a lot of valuable experience. 

"I feel blessed. It was a live, fun and happy time when everyone laughed and became one. 

"I will also strive hard to see you again someday as Mizuno Yui. 

"Thank you very much for eight years."

Babymetal released new song Starlight today, announcing that it was the start of a new beginning for the band.

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