Yee-haw! This is what Bring Me The Horizon's Drown would sound like as a country song

Secret Tree Fort and Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon
(Image credit: Secret Tree Fort, Mariano Regidor/Redferns)

The stereotype of a militant metalhead or rock fan who only likes and listens to heavy music seems to be fading. After all, the genre is finding inspiration from all sorts of places these days, and there's just so many brilliant sounds out there to discover.

Take musician Secret Tree Fort for example, who grew up fully immersed in the country sounds of North Carolina, who also, has a hankering for the heavy stuff. The result of these seemingly polarising influences? Well, he spends a lot of his time countrifying rock music, and has since labelled himself the CEO of 'Carolinacore', and his music, 'Y'allternative'. 

His latest creation sees him covering Bring Me The Horizon's 2014 rager Drown in the style of a country band. 

"What if Bring Me The Horizon was a country band?" he asks, while donning a turquoise cowboy hat, matching shirt and sunglasses, before the sound of his honey-smooth voice and delightfully clean guitar begins to play out within the video.

Essentially, the end result sounds like what would happen if Mumford & Sons took a page from Oli Sykes' songwriting book, but better. Fans are loving it, too, and it's already amassed over 500K views.

Since uploading, his fans have asked for a full version. So, answering their requests, Secret Tree Fort will be uploading the entire cover to Spotify on July 11.

In his other creations, he covers My Chemical Romance's I Don't Love You, The Killers' Mr Brightside, The Red Jump Suit Apparatus' Face Down and more – all countrified, of course.

Check it out below:

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