Wind machines, nipple tape...must be time for Toyah & Robert Fripp's Sunday Lunch

Toyah and Robert Fripp
(Image credit: Sunday Lunch)

As we're sure you're all well aware by now, Sunday Lunch at the Willcox-Fripp household is about much more than mere Yorkshire puddings and roast taters. Week after week, Toyah and Robert deliver highly entertaining, kooky covers of some of rock's biggest hits, performed for the most part, it seems, as a way of adding some spice to their relationship.

If you find yourself questioning whether you should really be watching Toyah flirtatiously dance while rocking nipple tape much to her husband's delight, don't worry, you've just stumbled upon their Sunday Lunch series, which by the way, probably shouldn't be played on your work computer.

This week, our randy rock'n'roll pair have gifted the internet a rendition of The Smashing Pumpkins' classic song Bullet With Butterfly Wings, from their 1996 album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. But of course, it's no ordinary cover, and sees the couple providing some extra wacky effects such as a wind machine, which dramatically blows Toyah's butterfly cape behind her like a scene from a music video of an '80s power ballad.

Toyah is too, dressed to the 9's, which, unless you're new here, is usually an expected part of their Sunday Lunch series. Robert too, as per, sports lavish eye makeup whilst throwing out various expletives. 

All in all though, it's an outstanding cover, crowned this week by Toyah's faultless vocals and mesmeric, butterfly-winged presence. Watch it below:

Liz Scarlett

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