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When Scott Ian met Tony Iommi

Scott Ian says he has no problems with excitable fans who meet him in the street – because he remembers being exactly the same before Anthrax hit the big time.

In a new clip from the guitarist’s Scott Ian Swearing Words Live in Glasgow DVD, he says he could barely control himself the first time be met Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi – and so he understands fans who lose their mind when they meet him.

He says: “The one I get all the time is when someone runs up to me and screams either my name or the name of the band in my face as loud as they can. I actually love this because I completely understand the emotion.

“I fucking get it, because the first time I was in a room with Tony Iommi, all I could fucking think of was screaming ‘Tony Iommi.’

“I was losing my fucking mind. I wanted to grab him by his long leather awesome coat. My fucking brain was gonna explode. That’s why I’m saying I get it, and when someone comes up and does that to me I fucking understand.”

Ian previously released a clip in which he described the first time he met Motorhead’s Lemmy – and tried to match him drink-for-drink, with disastrous results.

The DVD is released on November 13 following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Ian released his autobiography I’m The Man: The Story Of That Guy From Anthrax last month.