What Was Your Favourite Piece Of Music From Keith Emerson?


Keith Emerson left a wonderful musical legacy behind when he tragically took his own life last month.

From psychedelic pop songs to his pioneering fusion of classical music and rock in The Nice, through his groundbreaking progressive rock in Emerson Lake & Palmer, to a solo career that veered from rock orientated solo albums to horror film soundtracks and more recent classical works such as his Three Fates project, Emerson’s musical career has covered vast ground. But which is your favourite piece of music he’s been involved with?

We want you to pick your five favourite pieces of Keith Emerson’s (the only proviso is that he either wrote, co-wrote or arranged), put them in order and tell us why you’ve chosen them. We’ll be printing the Top 10 in the next issue.

Please e-mail your choices to: progpoll@teamrock.com by Thursday 14 April. We can’t wait to see what you vote for.