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Watch guitarist play 160 Black Sabbath riffs in a row

Man playing Black Sabbath riffs
(Image credit: YouTube)

Tony Iommi has given his seal of approval to a guitarist who has released a video in which he plays 160 Black Sabbath riffs in a row. 

"13th February 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath's first album being released," says the axeman. "My favourite band! I thought it would be a fitting tribute to create a medley of one riff from each of their songs to celebrate their career. I hope you enjoy!"

Playing along to a backing track medley of Sabbath's music, our hero performs riffs from every Sabbath song (except Solitude, Changes, Some Kind of Woman, Psycho Man, Selling My Soul, The Devil Cried, Shadow Of The Wind, Ear In The Wall and any songs from The Devil You Know), starting off with Black Sabbath itself and climaxing with Isolated Man from 2016's The End EP.

Iommi himself reacted on Twitter, saying, "Check this amazing piece of work from my message board moderator, Bryce. Thanks for all you do."